Monday, May 30, 2011

May Projects

Finished some quilts for Graduation
Granddaughter Sarah Graduated from High School.

 I made this quilt for her  with Minky on the back, so so soft.

It says "For Sarah 2011 From G-Ma K".

The Aunts are finishing a project our Mom started for her Grandchildren .
Two Quillows for two twin nieces.
Rachael and Rebecca

A Quillow is a Quilt and a Pillow all in one.
Make the quilt .....

(how to make Here)

Sew a pocket on the back and fold and tuck and you have a Quillow.

This is one the sisters made for Haley.  Graduating from Mt, View.

And one Levi Jean quilt finished.  1st of 7.  
This is for Adam.

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