Monday, August 20, 2012

"Peg is the Best"

On Aug. 13 we were able to spend the day this our Sister Peg celebrating her Birthday.
Peg is the one that can do just about anything... and she is the life of the party so everyone  has something  they want Peg  to do for or with them.
For Peg's Birthday the Sister's (minus Donna)  spent the day sewing . What more could you ask.
We had lunch with some of the Brother's and then went back to our sewing.
We love you Peg!!!

Sister Sally  brought a project she has been wanting us to do. together.
We have been trying to find time to do this project for over a year.

 We were ready to sew.

Look at these cute Christmas Trees.
We are calling them
"Wonky All The Way"


It is a first to actually finish a project.  It didn't hurt to have everything cut out and organized. Thanks Sally!!
Even time for a little "Show and Tell"
Plaids and Strips Scrappy.
Sally's husband picked out this kit and it is fabulous.

Baby Quilt for Baby Jay, Peg's new Grand baby.
Baby was born two days later. Aug.15th
It is only fitting to use the Granny Squares pattern.

Design Boards for my Farmers Wife and Granny Squares projects.

The ladies in Steve's Family wanted to exchange blocks and I finished mine ready to quilt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Closing Ceremony on my Quilting

     I love the Olympics and supporting the  USA.   What I love even more is a great excuse to work on projects. 
 I made this Quilt from leftover half square triangles from my "Patriotic Pinwheels" Quilt.
I have a hard time with leftover fabric.

Start of the first Quilt

Left overs really mess me up.

This is
 "Patriotic Pinwheels" 

One set of design Boards
Idea from Lori Here

 Four Cousins Exchange Quilt
We each made 12 blocks.
We kept three  and gave the other three three blocks and then finished it the way we wanted..
The left over fabric messed me up again so the corner blocks are made from  the left over fabric from my blocks.

Binding on two quilts.