Monday, August 24, 2009

"NINE IN "09"

Quilt Group Challenge
Everyone make 9 12 inch blocks (all the same)
Use 30's prints and muslin, any pattern you want.
We exchanged blocks and we all ended up with 9 different blocks
Then we were on our own t finish the quilt.
This is my quilt finished
I added the names on each block so I could remember who made each block
I love these ladies!
Fabulous Custom Quilting by Kit
My Block

Donna's Block

Rachelle's Block

JoAn's Block

Jeanene's Block

Ruth's Block

Vickie's Block

Peg's Block

Jan's Block

Here's the Scoop

Finally finished quilt.
"Here's the Scoop"
My girls gave me the fabric kit for Mother's Day in 2006
Machine applique
Quilted by Kit
We thought the circles looked like Ice Cream Scoops! Get it?

1+ 1 = 2

One Day off Work +

One Audio Book =
Two cute pink quilts for a friends new twin

For Addie and Callie
Great Day!
(It just doesn't get much better than that.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trying out a New Idea

Ironing Board Fabric+
Charm Squares cut in half=

Text Color Travel pouch for Curling Iron
Just in Time for Peg's B-Day