Monday, July 16, 2012

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show 2012

Spent a wonderful weekend in a little town in Sister's Oregon for the Annual Outdoor Quilt Show.
It is like Disneyland for Quilters.

Driving into town

We were early and still the cars get backed up.

First quilts

The town of Sister's welcome quilters from all over the world.
I'm not kidding.

It is the biggest Outdoor Quilt Show in the world.

Love this

A little breeze and needed help to get a good picture.

"Stitching Post"
one of the big sponsors  of the show

Fire Dept helps hang quilts starting at 7:00 in the morning the day of the Quilt Show.

Behind the Stitching Post

Delightful music while you walk the streets

A little rest.

Fun Activity for the children.
 I am doing this with the Grand kids.

Block winner

Great Memory Quilt

Sister's Drug Store

Quilts all over inside.  

Steve, buying Ibuprofen for the feet.

More inside

Quilts everywhere!

Sew Cute!
Look at the scalloped  border that is not scalloped.

Lots for A frames for hanging quilts

One section of antique quilts for sale


The quilts in this section were made by Men.

I will  let my man do the  driving and I will do the quilting thanks.
Great Show

This is the traffic as we are leaving.
The advice to go early was good advice.

The beautiful Three Sister's Mountains.
Snow on the top in July.

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  1. Wow, that looks like soo much fun. What a cute town and so many beautiful quilts, I noticed the men sitting around in the background of your pictures, such nice husbands to go with their wives. I love quilters...I noticed the hats and comfortable shoes...thats what its all about. Thanks for sharing, now this is on my bucket list to do.