Saturday, October 24, 2009

"I Did It" Finally

Steve bought me a quilt kit in St George UT. In June 2007 @ the"Lazy Daisy Cottage" One of the cutest quilt stores I've seen. We bought the kit so I could do handwork while traveling. I got real sick right after we bought the kit and had to cut the trip short and have my Gallbladder removed. It took me a long time to even look at it but I started it a while back. The small blocks are done by hand so I have taken it along with me when I travel and watch American Idol etc. I finally finished it. I still have to have it quilted but the top is finished. Steve thinks it is his because he bought it. Because he bought the kit for me he knows how much it cost and I think he thinks he owns it. Ha Ha.
I am still looking for a name.
The pattern is
"Dot to Dot"
I have tried to put the word "gall" in the name but it is just not working yet.

Sister Peg made these cute Halloween banners.
Our Mom used to say "eek"when she saw something she didn't like "Like a wierd hair-do..."
or if she spilled something or was surprized.
I love the Halloween reminder of Mom

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