Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Hexagon Quilt

O. K. here's one for you.
I have been interested in making a quilt made of Hexagons. The "Grandmothers Flower Garden" is the one I am thinking of. My sister and I even bought a hexagon stamp for quilting at the January Tucson Quilt show.
I have been trying to get some other projects finished so I can start it and "Low and Behold". A Niece that lives in California(daughter of said sister) goes to a neighborhood yard sale and is looking around and spots something that looks like fabric. It is Fabulous quilt top.
Hand pieced if you can believe.
She goes over to enquire the price and can you believe it's
Emily you found the find of the year! Good Job
Hexagon quilt here I come.

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  1. Emily deserves this. I love it and want for her to have it because it is a righteous desire of her heart, plus she has twins and can't make one of these for say 18 years. So there is justice. Love this post!